Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Exhibits 28, 29, 30

 This series in my project "Evolution of Type" is about the birth of letters. I chose A, B, C, the first letters of the alphabet, representative for all. "A" is completely made out of wood, "B" consists of wood and polymer clay. "C" carries spawn made out of polyester glass casting resin. I wanted each translucent egg to carry a little "c" inside, so I built a silicone mold around glass marbles. After the mold hardended, I took out the marbles and I filled the lower half of the mold with resin and placed the "c"s on the hemispheres. Then I closed the mold with the upper half and topped it up with resin. The finished eggs did not need to be polished - the cold glaze finish made them shiny. It is a bit tricky (and sticky) to work with all this synthetics and patience is needed. But the results are worth the effort. See the whole series on Behance.

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