Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

New Upcycle Fetishes

I finished another series of "Upcycle Fetish" bicycle hangers. This time I got help from my mom (yes, my mom), who cleaned some handlebars. A tedious task which includes removing the sticky remains of handlebar tape, cleaning and polishing. She did such a great job that next time I will allow her to advance to cleaning the seats. 
Some folks asked me how to fix the hangers unto the wall. This is pretty straight forward: All "Upcycle Fetishes" are equipped with strong bails on the backside. You need to obtain regular wall hooks and - depending on your wall - matching dowels, such as pictured below. Measure the distance between the middles of the 2 bails, draw a straight line on the wall where you wand the bails to sit and mark the distance of the bails. Drill 2 holes where the marks are, fix hooks, that´s it. 

You can adjust the handlebar´s tilt by loosening the screw on the quill stem. If you find that your bike is sliding inwards (into the handlebar´s curve) at either end you can wrap a small cable tie and/or some handlebar tape around the handlebar thus providing a straight seat of the bike´s top tube.

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