Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2021

"Upcycle Fetish" - Spring 2021 Series

With everything difficult in the pandemic year also collecting the parts for the new "Upcycle Fetish" series has been a challenge. All flea markets, bicycle & parts sales, meet & swaps were closed or cancelled, my natural source run dry. I milled enough platforms for the "fetishes" and was able to finish a few pieces but soon was left without stems, saddles and handlebars. Lucky enough friends helped me out by clearing their "man caves" and referring me to other bicycle aficionados. So bit by bit the 2020 series took form and finished up in the end of what I think is the most colorful collection of "Upcycle Fetish" bicycle hangers. In total 30 pieces are available in my webshop.

Oh, and because I have been asked: Here are pictures of the hangers´ backside.

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