Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Shooting the Letters

In October 2010 we gathered in Susanne Stemmer´s studio in order to take pictures of my letters. The plan was to simulate dissection in a surgery room. Weeks before I organized surgical instruments and garment but the hardest part was grabbing a time slot in Susanne´s busy work life.

There is nothing like a Hasselblad. And there is no one better then famous fashion photographer Susanne Stemmer. You already could see on the rigging that these are going to be kick ass pictures.

Catherine volunteered as model. Since we we did not know how much body and face will be shown on the pictures I had her and Felix dressed up completely in surgery apparel. I think that usually models don´t like that kind of garment but Catherine went along happily.

I did not see this coming: Latex gloves come in different sizes and I must have grabbed the XL - too big for Catherine. We had to tape and tacker.

Last facial touch ups and letters wiped clean.

It took considerate efforts to put all components in the right place. But here they are: four heroes in action.

The whole situation resembled a real surgery. I actually had to wipe foreheads.

Surgical intervention over. Can somebody please clean up the mess?

The studio team:
Felix Leutner, Catherine Hera Arming - Chief Physicians
Susanne Stemmer - Photographer
Andreas Scheiger - Idea & Patient Provider
Love you, folks!

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